Today (On Wednesday, August 18, 2021 a year) have been completed lasting from Monday 16 August 2021 year, the Europe Cup regatta series (in the Laser class / ILCA), which once again has been held in the waters Dziwnowa. A total of 161 competitors from 11 countries (Poland, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Lithuania, Ukraine, Croatia, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Hungary) took part in the regatta.

Out of the planned 8 races (three on Monday and Tuesday and two on Wednesday), only three were finally carried out, which was due to the weather, namely the strong wind that reached Dziwnów along with the forecasted weather breakdown. Apart from Monday (the first day of the competition), the weather conditions were so severe that the yachts did not leave the port on both Tuesday and Wednesday. Safety is the most important thing – this is how the jury explained their decision, but it was enough to look at the Strait of Dziwna and the waves forming in its waters to realize what it looks like on the sea.

Ultimately, three Monday races were the basis for selecting the winners in each category. The best in their classes and categories were: Kuba Rodziewicz, Wojciech Klimaszewski, Oskar Madonich (Ukraine), Anna Munch (Denmark), Laura Szulc, Natalia Burczyńska, Przemysław Machowski, Hubert Roszyk, Aleksandra Borucka, Jakub Rusiniak.

The special guest at the end of the regatta was the president of the West Pomeranian District Sailing Association, Mr. Marcin Raubo. Jacek Klimecki, who is responsible for the organization of the regatta, thanked the sponsors and partners of the event, the judging team as well as the security and preparation services for the regatta on land and at sea.

A detailed list of results (developed by a team of SailingNet) is the link:
#Pomorze Zachodnie was the partner of the Europa Cup regatta.

The photo gallery of the regatta can be found at the link: EUROPA CUP 2021 – DZIWNÓW, 16-18.08.2021