There is also another, seasonal marina located at Kościuszkowski Boulevard. It includes a waterfront wharf for yachts with the possibility to moor around forty boats, as well as a social building. Because of the openness of the terrain, the mooring is exposed to strong wind and big waves at the point. The marina is opened from May to September. All the area is equipped with the security cameras.

Summer Harbour Dziwnów

  • 2a Wybrzeże Kościuszkowskie Street
  • tel.: +48 91 38 11 235, mobile: +48 505 589 641;
  • e-mail:
  • Coordinates: 54°01’34’’N, 14°46’03’’E;
  • The depth of the slipway: 3,5 m;
  • Harbour depth: 2,5 – 3,5 m;
  • Manoeuvring: engine
  • Number of parking places: 34/34 guests Available: WC, laundry, electricity, shower, Internet, drinking water. Distance up to 1 km: fuel, shop, doctor, cash dispenser, gas, bar, pharmacy

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