The opening of Laser Radial Men’s World Championships

There are only 2 days before the opening of the Laser Radial World Championships. After the experience with last week EUROPA CUP POLAND Dziwnów 11-13.07.2014, we are proceeding to series of races which are devided into two stages.

The first part of the Championships will start with the men senior competition. The first practice race is planned on Sunday afternoon. However, the main attraction of the first day will be the Opening Cremony, which is planned to start at 18:30.

The programme of LASER RADIAL Men’s World Championships Dziwnów 19-25.07.2014

Till 18.07.2014- Competitors arrival.

19.07.2014 – Registration, Equipment Inspection (Marina on Żeromskiego 30 St.) Registration 9.00-12.00 and 13.00-18.00.

20.07.2014 -– Registration, Equipment Inspection 9.00-12.00 and 13.00-18.00, practice race at 14.00, opening ceremony (concert opening the World Championships – stage on E. Orzeszkowej St.) at 18.30.

21.07.2014 – Qualifying series – 2 races. First warning signal at 11.

22.07.2014 – Qualifying series – 2 races. First warning signal at 11.

23.07.2014 – Qualifying series – 2 races. First warning signal at 11 (in the evening integration party for the participants, concert ).

24.07.2014 – Final series – 2 races.

25.07.2014 – Final series – 2 races, the World Championships closing ceremony, prize giving party followed by a concert (stage on E. Orzeszkowej St.).