Europa Cup Poland in Dziwnów is over. Three days of the regatta, struggle with the strong wind and capricious weather were a completely new experience for us.
The weather conditions, especially on Friday and Saturday, were also a great challenge for the sailors, coaches and judges. The support services and the safety crew had lots of work, helping the sailors with yachts damages.
The most important however, is the fact that eight planned races were held. The less experienced sailors had the opportunity to compete in more difficult conditions, which was a great challenge for them.

Before we give the official results and present the list of the winners, we would like to thank everybody for the presence in Dziwnów. We are very glad that so many foreign and Polish sailors came to take part in the competition.

The last three days of the regatta were a lesson for all the organisational team. We apologize for the faults and ask for opinions and conclusions. We would be grateful for suggestions from the competitors, coaches and clubs representatives on the email address:

Those who are leaving we wish a safe journey home. Sailors who stay for the World Championships please enjoy your stay in Dziwnów. The next two weeks promise a lot of interesting attractions.
All the news and the championships’ programme soon on Facebook.

Below the list of the winners in each category:

Laser 4.7

24 POL 190905 Grzesiak Agnieszka
34 POL 193509 Jasiewicz Karina
43 POL 201122 Gutkowska Iga F 1996

U18 F
18 LTU 195204 Vilkauskaite Adrija F 1998
32 POL 203178 Bak Anna F 1997
46 POL 176711 Julia Okońska F 1998

U16 F
17 LTU 195205 Meškaite Rugil
20 POL 195782 Stawiarska Natalia F 1999
25 POL 190828 Trejter Joanna F 1999

ESP 206341 Cano Sostre Nestor M 1997
3 POL 183429 Blaszczyk Cyprian M 1997
4 POL 185708 Poznański Dawid M 1998

2 HUN 190740 Tenke Aron M 1999
5 HUN 203600 Hadnagy Zsombor M 1999
6 HKG 191919 Bezy Nicholas M 1999 JAsia


1 AUS 202854 Brown Tristan M 1989
2 POL 195310 Rudawski Marcin M 1981 2
3 NED 195726 De By Mathieu M 1992

4 GBR 205652 Aitken Jack M 1996
13 POL 204911 Kalafarski Sebastian M 1996
14 POL 201833 Jablecki Maksymilian M 1996

12 NED 201126 Verburgt Freddie M 1998
16 POL 206499 Rodziewicz Jakub M 1998
32 LTU 202381 Eidukevicius Marius M 1998

5 AUS 206750 Weir Krystal F 1985
20 ISR 194572 Maman Danielle F 1992
21 LTU 202781 Andrulyte Viktorija F 1992

U21 F
POL 195304 Szyfter Katarzyna F 1995

U18 F
34 POL 192682 Dubiel Agnieszka F 1997
39 POL 206817 Walter Wiktoria F 1996
52 POL 188235 Kotowska Zofia F 1997

U17 F
30 HUN 207272 Érdi M F 1998
49 LTU 198565 Kneizyte Kotryna F 1998 Sailing school ”Žiemys”